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June 2012 Newsletter

May 21, 2012, Volume 2, # 17

On Tuesday June 19, 2012 John J. McLaughlin Moderator of the World War II Book Club will give a lecture on his just published book General Albert C. Wedemeyer: America's Unsung Strategist in World War II. As usual the lecture will be at the Millburn Library and commence at 7 p.m. This will be the final lecture of the Spring season. The lectures will recommence in September with the first lecture scheduled for Tuesday, September 18. Copies of John's book will be available for sale and signing for $18.00.

Dr. Josh Botts
Josh Botts, senior historian at the State Department delivered a wonderful lecture on the famous Yalta World War II Conference on May 15. Seventy five people were in attendance and thoroughly enjoyed his presentation. Dr. Botts was an overnight guest of the Book Club at the Short Hills Hilton, and the following morning had breakfast with John McLaughlin and retired State Department Foreign Service Officer and long time Summit resident Henry "Hank" Mueller.

Dan Petach
On Tuesday, September 18,  Dan Petach will lecture on the Flying Tigers, the World War II aces commanded by General Claire Chennault in the China Burma India Theatre. Dan is the son of one of the most famous of the Flying Tigers and has delivered this lecture to many audiences over the last 10 years. One of the fascinating things about the Flying Tigers is the remarkable feud between General Chennault and the then Commanding General of the Theatre, "Vinegar" Joe Stilwell. He will talk about a little known, but extremely important battle, and the role the Flying Tigers played in turning back a Japanese advance that had the potential to change the entire course of the Pacific war and force the Chinese to surrender. The consequence of a Chinese surrender would have released over a million Japanese soldiers then occupying China for use against MacArthur's forces in the Pacific. John McLaughlin heard Dan Petach's lecture last year and immediately booked him for the World War II Book Club.

Del Staecker
On Tuesday, October 16, Del Staecker will tell the story of his father's account of the USS Fuller, The Lady Gangster, an attack transport ship and its courageous crew of "Chicago Boys" who braved enemy fire to deliver troops and supplies to the South Pacific theatre during some of the toughest battles of the war.

Gregory J.S. Urwin
On November 20, we will close out the year with a lecture by Professor J.S. Urwin who will discuss his book The Siege of Wake Island Facing Fearful Odds. This lecture was presented last year at Brookdale College.

Treasurer's Report
Along with this Newsletter we send a Treasurer's Report so the membership will know our financial condition and be aware of how their dues are spent to bring you the best speakers and the best programs. We are grateful for the extra donations of almost $1500 from some of our members.

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