Thursday, June 1, 2017

Bruce Tucker presents "Hidden Agenda"

Mr. Bruce Tucker will present "Hidden Agenda” at the June meeting of the Book Club.

The presentation is about about Germany’s numerous secret wartime technologies, experiments and the scientists, engineers and technicians who developed them. During the closing months of the war and afterwards, these experts in the fields of rockets, jets, aeronautical medicine, chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, were secretly smuggled out of Germany into the United States.  Some of these experts were known Nazi party members and/or members of the SS, but they avoided standing immigration laws, the FBI, and any potential prosecution for war crimes at Nuremberg.

The main purpose of this top secret operation was to capture, secure and transplant former enemy military experts and their technology, in the interests of national security, thus providing the United States with strategic and tactical advantages in preparation for a new cold war with the Soviet Union.

Join us on June 14 for this exciting presentation.