Sunday, December 31, 2017

Winter/Spring Schedule 2018:

Countdown to Pearl Harbo by Steve Twomey
January 10th:  
Steve Twomey will discuss his book "Countdown to Pearl Harbor."  Read more about Mr. Twomey and his book on his publisher's page at Simon & Shuster.

Justice at Dachau by Joshua Greene
March 14th: 
Joshua M. Greene will discuss his book, "Justice at Dachau." Read more about the book »

Shot Down Over Italy by John Lanza
April 11th: 
John Lanza will discuss his book "Shot Down Over Italy."  Read more about the book »

May 9th: Major Michael Kiser, "How Auftragstatik and other German leadership constructs apply to the modern army."

The Gatekeeper by Kathryn Smith
June 20th:  
Kathryn Smith will discuss her  book "The Gatekeeper: Missy Lehand, FDR, and the Untold Story of the Partnership that Defined a Presidency."  Read more about the book »

Monday, December 18, 2017

Kessel Video now online

Peter Kessel's lecture on Jackie Robinson and the 761st is now online at: