Saturday, January 30, 2010

Next Meeting February 16, 2010 - FDR's Deadly Secret

New Jersey World War 2 Book Club Announces A Lecture by
Steven Lomazow, MD.

Where: The Millburn Library

When: Tuesday February 16, 2010

Dr Lomazow will be speaking about his recently released book FDR's Deadly Secret. Dr. Lomazow, a practicing Neurologist is a member of the Book Club and has written a fascinating medical detective story about President Franklin D. Roosevelt's battle with the deadly and fatal disease of melanoma, a cancer, which he and his medical and political consultants deliberately concealed from the public. The book raises intriguing questions about the tension between a patient's right to privacy, a doctor's duty not to disclose the nature of a patient's illness, and the public's right to know, when the disease might well impair the President's ability to deal with questions affecting the nation's national security. Judge Andrew Napolitano, of Fox News, called the book "dynamite"; the book has been extensively reviewed in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal and is currently a History Book Club selection.

Any one with questions contact Dr. John J. McLaughlin at 973-467-3313 or