Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Next Lecture: January 18, 2011 Terry Golway

There is no lecture scheduled for December. On Tuesday January 18, 2011 we will have a lecture by Terry Golway on his recently published book Together We Cannot Fail. Terry is a professor of History at Kean University. The book is a compilation of essays on the major Fireside Chats delivered by President Franklin Roosevelt during the War years. His radio addresses were heard by millions of Americans whose only source or news in those days was the newspaper and radio. Americans would huddle around the single radio they owned in those days, usually in the living room, and listed to his golden voice. Whatever your politics, no one can deny Roosevelt's gift for oratory!

Terry delivered a lecture on his book at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library a few months ago and Drs. McLaughlin and Lomazow were in the audience and immediately engaged him for a lecture for our Book Club. One delightful feature of Terry's book is that it comes with a CD of the major radio talks. When Professor Gumz delivered a lecture on D-Day a few months ago we played Roosevelt's famous "D-Day Prayer" speech that he delivered to the nation the evening of the D-Day invasion. It is a remarkable speech with heavy religious overtones, not likely to be ever heard in contemporary political addresses again. The sound quality of the speeches on the Disk are remarkable. Please don't miss this lecture.