Saturday, October 24, 2015

Remembering Ursula Pawel

Ursula Pawel at the United States
Holocaust Memorial Museum
This past May, one of our most well received speakers, Ursula Pawel, passed away.  Ursula Pawel gave a lecture about her book My Child is Back at the New Jersey World War II Book Club on May 17, 2011.  

We are also fortunate to have an additional video taken by Nancy Webster from an August, 2012 visit with Dr. John McLaughlin and his wife, Mary Jean to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C.

Ms. Webster videotaped the entire trip and made special arrangements with the Holocaust Memorial Museum for an early morning tour of the exhibits with no other tourists in the building. More importantly, Ms. Webster made special arrangements for Ursula's personal diary, which had been donated to the Museum some ten to fifteen years previously, to be transported from a warehouse some 10 miles away so Ursula could see it again. Ursula was unaware of the special arrangements that Ms. Webster had made with the Museum and was completely overwhelmed to see this precious diary after the lapse of so many years. The video of Ursula examining the diary follows immediately after the video of the trip through the Museum:

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